The Red Rose Cafe

Prodromus Kashii - Travel Journal pt.3

The Spirit world calls again, NOW WITH A BANG!

Uppon returning to Red Rose Café, the first thing in the morning (apart from drinking my booze) we had a missed call. A guy. In our lounge… he was there for a long time… One of Karl-Zuthon followers…

I think we need to hire guards… or just someone who will run a background check on all of our customer… something like an informant. Oh well.

Gunpowder Justice will be served, but not this time. The ancestors were close to us again, all sorts of spirits were visible… at least we have the power of gunpowder and healing potions to keep us going.

Also as well as we might have thought, smaller (in size of height) does not mean more aerodinamic… gnomes or goblins do not fly… (I will have to prepare a potion and make them drink it…)

There is science need to be done, so I will make a neat gun for the times I am still alive…. and ocassional reincarnation after the boom. I think my memories are coming back from that last explosion. one day I will be a Grenadier



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