The Red Rose Cafe

Prodromus Kashii - Travel Journal

Big truble in little Red Rose Caffe #1&2

entry #1

After the long cool-down in our party, after we did some small jobs to keep our position in the Red rose caffe a high paladin from the order of light viisted us.

The task as easy as it sounded, to catch and deal with her misbehaving necromancer son lead us to the hideout of the forward point base of the cult of his in the caves.

. . .

After a few days of travelling we happened to find them.
Shots have been fired and we found ourselves to fight for our lives.
3 acolites have been shot dead, or so we thought.

After we looked around the area for more troublemakers (like the one shadow creature, that tryed to steal our war-priests bag of holding) we found the smugglers den. we took care of that too.

the journey back was uneventfull, well I say that. The bombs are super effective against armoured creatures like crabs. so we got some crab meat.

. . .

We reported back to the high ranked paladin and got sent to another city after we collected our reward.

entry #2

We took the main road to the city, we needed to be at. (names change and may warry through the ages, so I see it pointless to note them down), life goes on even without our involvement and there are bad things on this world already, that will remain there…

We got into the city. apparently got followed as we tryed to make our way into the temple of the related temple to the paladin, so we could forward the messages of the necromantic activities of the cult.

we got captured and imprisoned. tryed to escape and blew up the door, that was holding us.

the tengu friend is an interesting one, not a bird-brain, but still funny.

Of course we escaped without any problems and combat interaction from our guards, but we told them that one of their followers is practicing necromancery. we got accused, that we killed them and were threattened to be imprisoned, but as I said, we made it out just fine, easy job. easy money. good karma. good life.

We might be able to finish the job in no time…

Bird person is still funny, the fox lady is clever, changeling is usefull and the fighter has a fitting fighting spirit. I just do not want to blow our cower, so I should keep the explosives to minimum, while we are in the city…



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