The Red Rose Cafe

Hatching day 6324

And so we set of to the caves from Amsterdam, maybe we will finally find Caspian. It was an uneventful walk which left me wondering… Why did we accept this quest in the first place…. Ou well I guess accepting a request from someone we did not even ask a name from sounds like a good idea.

A there is a cave.

Get off the horse and in to the cave we go. I need to get a mount that will go in to the caves… A thought for the future… Two paths lie before us.

We see a ransacked storage to our right and a path forward. Time to see whether anything is left. Nope nothing here. Except this secret passage and some cultists who are trying to stop us.

We proceeded further in to the caves and found the leader. I challenged him of course… What a peculiar man he boasted about his power and then just blew himself up…. Disappointing. After a quick search through the burned maps and documents we found plans that told us of the next destination… This man seems like he is running from something.

Well back we go to the city we will need to report what we found to Elisa in the Temple of Ionday.

P.S. – The Cal Zuton guys are not as bad as they seem. I will catch up with them when i get back again



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