The Red Rose Cafe

We went home.

I went to see the family. They are doing well, well, relatively well. Considering how I found them I mean.

Donnu had hurt herself again. She’d been thieving again and got caught by the merchants trap. We had a good talk about why thieving was wrong and how you can get what you want entirely legally before I healed her. Rules are vital for a community and theft is only acceptable for aristocrats and such. We shouldn’t be stealing from each other; we should work together to overthrow the oppressors! Although I do know that merchant and he is a dick.
Omle and Trudsal are doing find now. The baby lives and I put some gold into buying some land and building some shacks so they have some shelter for the moment. I hope that next time I can get some wood and get a proper building built. We talked about life and religion and how that people are quick to label something evil if they don’t agree with it but generally someone else will think that they are evil in turn, so it really doesn’t mean much.
Thinking about that, there was another one of Caspian’s thugs in our room yesterday. He vanished before I could smite him because I was stuck healing people. Our hoitey-toitey angel felt smiting was more important than keeping people alive. Really! :( And she thinks she’s “good”. Meaningless. We don’t smite them because they’re evil, we smite them because I hate skellys. And someone is paying us to. I wonder how my application is coming on…



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