The Red Rose Cafe

Prodromus Kashii - Travel Journal pt.2

Dungeonering 101

entry #3

we received a hot tip from our second favourite paladin from the temple of Iondaine.

We followed the path to a cave like complex, where after deciding who goes first, we … of course.. got trapped.

A magical barrier appeared behind us which I tryied to dispell couple of times.

The whole area was trapped, and we fell for most of them, by accident, or by strong resolution and belief in our skills to avoid them.

The idea of enslaving a skeleton in a box, to become our familiar / support carrier was denied. I am sad for that, but I understand the concerns of the party [we are trying to deal with Necromancers, after all] but those who look long enough to the abyss realise, that the abyss is gazing back into them… I hope the godess will guide us away from the dark paths and give us the power to fight united.

The caves were clensed from all evildoers.

Their Boss (I think) blew himself up in a most spetacular way. This was done by owerestimating his own abilities in his school of magic… I used to keep telling this to the more magically aligned folks in my homeland, but they newer listened to me. Gunpowder is true magic. And Explosion is an Art…

We have returned to the city of Amsterdam with some artefacts to be sold and desposed of and after a briefing on new mission progress we will depart soon. Probably to Germany where Caspian was seen last…



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