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Dear Journal - I don't think we can trust them.

Dear Journal,

Today my companions and I disposed of a minor unliving one. And destroyed an evil scroll denying resources to those who would use false life for petty power struggles! :D
We went into some caves where I learned that my new friends don’t know how to walk quietly. You’d think they’d strapped pots and pans to themselves should you hear them. The skeleton was in a box. A trap of sorts. Like the flame that hit me. Where can we find a good rogue? Anyway, they kept wanting to talk to it! >:-( And save it! It’s dead!! There’s nothing to save! At least they got the hint when I smashed it in.
This is why I don’t think we can trust them. I thought that this was an evil offshoot of Cal Zuton’s club that Caspian was running. So we disposed of them as is right. And then I gave Zuton’s instruments back to what I thought was the true faithful but they weren’t happy. They didn’t try to distance themselves at all from the skeleton in a box! ><(((*> So they must be evil too. :( I shall have to dismantle their religion. I shall expose their evil to the authorities and show them the ways of the true god of law. Perhaps Dave can be saved. It would be a shame if I had to dispose of him too. :(
Our leads are limited. We have Caspian’s map marked with Xs (not treasure apparently). Unfortunately we don’t know whether the x are important or unimportant, like crossed out. Is he going there or has he been there? Are these “food-producing-cities” to be ignored or attacked? We are left with questions. I suppose we are going to have to check them out one at a time. Annoying. I’ll be leaving my brothers and sisters for a long time if I do that.

Oh well. Onward we go. <3><3><3



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