The Red Rose Cafe

A "Guest" awaits us...

We returned from our separate escapades to find someone waiting for us at the cafe. While we tried to catch each other up on our happenings, all went quiet as we entered the back. A representative of Zon-Kuthon and his supposed Church. He wanted us to leave them alone. By Sarenrae, I wasn’t going to agree to that- especially as he tried to offer material things as bribes!

And then one of my colleagues challenged the denizen to a duel. A foolish act.

And then everything went terribly wrong for us.

I do not know how he was able to consistently evade our blows- even those with Sarenrae’s favoured scimitar. We had not the prepared magics to be able to strike at his clearly evil essence. We were clearly outclassed. And then, when we were struggling most, he decides to pull out a scroll and disappear from our sight.

I will not make the mistake of being wrongly prepared again. Evil stands in our path, and I cannot let that remain so. Lux aeterna.



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